What I Ate: Weekend Getaway Edition

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been wrapped up in life and dreams and all things music.

But I promise, I’ve still been on the clean eating wagon.  In fact, I had quite a breakthrough this past weekend.

We took our kids to Lake Watauga, TN to spend an unplugged weekend on the lake with this amazing view.

mountain view

This was the view from the back deck of my hubby’s parent’s brand new lake house.  We are so, so blessed for the memories that will be made in this amazing scene God provided!

My breakthrough came as I took a few pictures of my food–and even on a “getaway”–I couldn’t wait to go workout.  THIS is the definition of lifestyle for me.  I wasn’t looking for a reason to fall off the wagon, to indulge.  I genuinely LOVE eating healthy and I finally feel so great that I don’t even desire indulging to the point of regret.

The closest health food store was about an hour a way, so I knew I needed to plan VERY well to make it through.

I decided to keep EVERYTHING SIMPLE and inexpensive.  For breakfasts, I decided on two of my staple recipes: Avocado toast and Overnight oats.  So simple.  A few avocados, a loaf of bread, a bag of oats, almond milk, and a few more pantry ingredients.

avocado toast

The red stuff is Sriracha.  And what the heck on the 4 strawberries?  I much more prefer a whole pint. 😉

overnight oats

I forgot to take a picture of my overnight oats, so here’s one from work the other day.  I made these at night for myself and my youngest son Beckham (who eats them at least once a day!).  I love these things because they are RAW, and so, so filling!  I alternated between avocado toast and oats to keep it fresh.

Depending on my nap schedule (I actually took TWO FULL NAPS while we were gone!), I either drank a smoothie in the mid-morning or post-workout.  I didn’t bring a lot of greens with me, but a large bunch of bananas, so I kept it simple with a Just Bananas smoothie (frozen bananas and unsweetened almond milk)–and sometimes I added a handful of Sawyer’s frozen blueberries 🙂


For lunch, I kept it simple by bringing a pack of Romaine hearts.  Since it has three hearts in it, I knew that would cover three lunches.  I used the other half of the avocado from breakfast to make a dressing.  All I do is massage (YES, with my hands!) the avocado in the romaine lettuce, add the juice of half a lemon or lime, and a drizzle of liquid sweetener like maple syrup or honey. It’s so so simple, and my absolute favorite way to eat a salad these days.


I repurposed the strawberries from breakfasts to add some sweetness to the salad and the raw cashews (I brought to make my favorite cheese dip for game day!) to add a little crunch.

For dinners, I ate lots of veggies–inexpensive ones like potatoes!  I also cooked some carrots (that I brought for salads) and had some other veggies Andrew’s family brought for dinners.  I also brought noodles and a jar of marinara sauce for easy spaghetti.

veggie dinner

I brought my favorite chocolate bar with me–and this lasted all weekend.


What I love about this weekend is that it was simple, fresh, easy, inexpensive, and not a big deal. I didn’t feel like an outsider like I normally do.  There wasn’t a lot of prep time for anything I made, so didn’t spend the weekend in the kitchen (Thanks to Andrew’s mom for preparing most of the kids’ food!!)

I came home feeling light, not heavy.  Satisfied, not craving.  Proud, not regretful. I didn’t have to recover from anything because I just continued my lifestyle and I was happy about it!

I hope you enjoyed this different What I Ate Post–and I really hope it helps you next time you head out on a getaway where you have a kitchen 🙂  Happy Wednesday!

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