What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday: The Last Few Weeks!Well Happy Wednesday to y’all!  I know I’ve been missing for a while, but life has been a bit crazy!  We just got back from Nashville and are preparing to leave again in a few days so our boys can have their surgeries.  I’m trying to manage all this craziness AND stay well. While in […]
What I Ate Wednesday 10-14-15Can I just say I’ve been in a rut? Oh, and unmotivated.  What a great combo! HA 🙂 I’ve got some pictures for you today, but I do gotta say–I made myself be GOOD this day so I could show you something better than bread and chocolate all day! You know, sometimes, even ME, we […]
What I Ate: Weekend Getaway EditionI know it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been wrapped up in life and dreams and all things music. But I promise, I’ve still been on the clean eating wagon.  In fact, I had quite a breakthrough this past weekend. We took our kids to Lake Watauga, TN to spend an unplugged weekend […]
What I Ate Wednesday 8-5-15There are so many reasons why I love pressed juices.  It’s light and refreshing and gives me a LARGE serving of vegetables.  It IS true that there is no fiber in these juices, and some people debate about them.  I’ve seen benefits, though, for myself, and I tend to use THAT as the judge. I […]
What I Ate Wednesday 7/22/15Happy Wednesday y’all!  Here’s a look at my eats 🙂 This particular morning I didn’t have much to make for breakfast besides this juice.  But I had a busy day ahead, so I was fine with some liquid energy 😉     I stayed busy at work right up until lunch time, and I chowed […]
What I Ate Wednesday 7-8-15Good morning y’all 🙂 Anyone else suffer from small kitchen syndrome? We spent 9 years in our beautiful home with our beautiful kitchen.  Our beautiful, large kitchen. Then came the apartment.  The second floor abode with three boys.  A tiny kitchen with a house full of cooks. But life is about adjustment, right?  I’m still […]
What I Ate Wednesday 7/1/15It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update.  Balancing everything ain’t always easy.  Can I get an Amen?? I have been spending a lot of time prepping and planning to make this eat clean lifestyle work with a full time job and all the “etc” I could add!  But I’m surviving–and not exhausted–and […]
What I Ate Wednesday 6-3-15I know it’s been a while…. I’ve been learning how to manage this new big thing in my life called a 40 hour work week!! It’s a BIG change from working from home–in most ways better, in some harder.  For one, I don’t live in constant frustration anymore, so that’s a plus 🙂 The biggest […]
What I Ate Wednesday 5/13/15I’m coming off the high of such a beautiful Mother’s Day Weekend.  Friday, we took our little ones to the Canal, went for a walk, and enjoyed fruit by a waterfall.  Saturday, we went to the Riverbanks Zoo and then cooked out with my brother, his wife, their three kids, my parents, and my whole […]
What I Ate Wednesday 5/6/15Hey y’all friends…. I hope your Wednesday is treating you right.  I’ve been cleaning out my closet (ahh!) to get ready to move to an apartment!  The move in date is next weekend, so it’s time to get a move on…. When I woke up, I drank hot tea because I was out of lemons. […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-29-15Whew. I’m so glad I took these pictures on Monday before my world came crashing down yesterday. What is it about bad news that makes us want to stuff our faces with pizza and brownies? And in my world?  It’s so weird that I grieve the loss of food for my children but all I […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-22-15Let me say that I took these pictures on Monday…I was coming off a late night–we got back from Nashville around 10pm, and I woke up to a long list of chores, whiney kids, and no groceries. In my fruit basket was a mound of nasty looking oranges.  But I had nothing else.  So I used my […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-15-15It’s the week after Spring Break….and let me tell ya, I thoroughly enjoyed the break from a 6 am wake up call, lunches, packing bags, and being a personal taxi service. We relaxed, and danced, and listened to music, and sang some music, and were lazy, and so much more. These three faces…I didn’t see […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-8-15SPRING BREAK, YEAH! It feels SO REFRESHING to sleep in just a tad and to have no lunches or bags to pack.  It really is glorious. I started the morning working on some blog posts and drinking warm lemon water.   Then, in an effort to write a recipe down for the amazing Neapolitan Nice […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-1-15Today (Tuesday) was such a beautiful day in South Carolina.  I’d say that if the air weren’t so yellow, that it’d be the perfect day.  It kind of smelled like the Masters and the weather begged us to stay outside. But again, enter yellow.  And then coughing and sneezing and nose dripping and junk in […]
What I Ate Wednesday 3-25-15I don’t know if it’s the pollen or what, but I’ve got a tiny sore throat–just enough to be uncomfortable.  When this happens, I immediately drink hot tea or, even better, turmeric milk. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and an incredible amount of nutrients.  You can read a more in-depth description of this super spice, […]
What I Ate Wednesday Post 3-18-15Y’all.  Little League baseball season has started.  And I thought last year was rough!! Whew.  7 year olds are grown up.  This is the first year they play with rules…and the first year they need a catcher…and guess who it is??? I’m so excited for McCall to start a new position.  He takes pride in […]
What I Ate Wednesday 2-25-15I’m very excited to bring this series back! When you have to take pictures of everything you eat and post them on social media, it sure does keep you accountable! I’m kind of an obsessive person and when it comes to food, I get on a kick and stick with the same thing for a […]
What I Ate Wednesday 5-28-14Breakfast: For this WIAW morning, I ate a bowl full of fruit and a half of a gluten-free flat cornbread.  I usually make this flatbread when I make chili, but for whatever reason, I was CRAVING it for breakfast. It’s simple & easy–cooked in a cast iron skillet.  I’m honestly not sure if anybody else […]
What I Ate Wednesday 5-21-14Oh, this day was glorious.  It was like the best of both worlds.  I got to work while the kids were in school, still hangout with them after that, go to McCall’s baseball game, eat dinner as a family, and hang out with my favorite man in the world 🙂 Here’s how it went down! […]
What I Ate Wednesday 5-07-14This has been an awesome week.  I’m not sharing many details right now, other than to say I’m quickly discovering how I can fully THRIVE to live in my own life.  I have a LONG post coming in the next month or so about this. All I’ll say is it’s got something to do with […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-16-14Most times I try to protect myself.  You know, if I post something about me drinking something GREEN, I’ll justify it in some way so people don’t make fun or talk about me.  Seriously, that stuff happens over the color GREEN. But today, I’m celebrating.  I love GREEN drinks.  I won’t justify it. I love […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-9-14This week I’ve been in Nashville. The old dreams in my heart re-surfaced for sure. But before you (and ME!) get too excited, I’ve got to tell you that it wasn’t under good circumstances. We were there to celebrate the life of my 28 year old cousin, Ryan.  Despite some tragic circumstances, we had an […]
What I Ate Wednesday 4-2-14Well, I’ve joined the club. I drive a van. I’ve got a kid in baseball. I’m busy.  I’m running around like crazy. I’m a “soccer mom” y’all! Of course that brings challenges to our lifestyle….normally I begin our 4-5 dinner meal plans around 3 pm each day…..Well now, I’m rushing around trying to get everything […]
What I Ate Wednesday 3-19-14Yesterday was awful. Just plain awful.  I needed a re-do today (which is really Tuesday) but still had some of yesterday on my shoulder when I woke up. I hate when I do that.  Just drop it.  Get rid of it.  Man, it’s tough. My mood usually defines what I eat, but I really, really […]
What I Ate Wed 3-12-14You’ll never believe that we all slept in until 11:30 am today (Tuesday).  Really, it was monumental. Here’s how it went down.  I got up and got the oldest off to school, got the babies formula and medicines.  Beckham wouldn’t stop screaming, so he went in to lay with his daddy.  They both fell asleep, […]
What I Ate Wednesday 3/5/14Ok, I have to confess that Monday & Tuesday were kinda bear bones around here.  We lived it up on our trip to Asheville (we deserved some pampering, right?), but coming home sure wasn’t easy. I vowed to use what we had at home to make meals this week, relying on creativity and sheer willpower […]
What I Ate Wednesday 2-26-14I absolutely love starting my day out with tea.  If you can believe it, I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life. And guess what? I’ve survived life!! 🙂 I’m not against coffee, I promise (good quality organic coffee); I just know my obsessive personality couldn’t handle one more thing 😉 Tea is […]
What I Ate Wednesday (2-12-14)I always start my day with lots of filtered water….Most of my issues from before my food journey were attributed to being dehydrated (teacher problems!), so I’m very sensitive to always drink plenty of filtered water before I eat anything.  I love my glass Camelbak! Next, I had this Mango Banana Smoothie.  It made two […]
What I Ate Wednesday 2/5/14When I first started my food journey, I had no close friends doing the clean eating thing.  I’ve mentioned several times about how lonely I felt.  I knew I was doing what was right for me, but it’s so hard to persevere when you feel so feel isolated (especially in the midst of dealing with […]