What I Ate Wednesday: The Last Few Weeks!

Well Happy Wednesday to y’all!  I know I’ve been missing for a while, but life has been a bit crazy!  We just got back from Nashville and are preparing to leave again in a few days so our boys can have their surgeries.  I’m trying to manage all this craziness AND stay well.

While in Nashville, I got pretty sick BUT what I love about living a healthy lifestyle is how quickly I recuperate.  I ate fruits & veggies, got plenty of rest, and used essential oils…and I was back to normal in just over 24 hours.

Since I didn’t take pictures of my food on one whole day for my normal post, today I’m sharing things I’ve been eating over the last few weeks.  Hopefully, this gives you some insight into “normal” life over here.


I have been eating the same things for breakfast lately.  It usually depends on how cold it is or quite frankly, what I’m in the mood for!

Hot Oatmeal has been my go-to.  I usually top mine with walnuts, bananas, and cinnamon.



Avocado Toast. Simple, filling, cheap.  YES!

avocado toast

Green smoothies.  A great way to sneak in some more greens!


Non-green smoothies for the days I just don’t want them 🙂

smoothie 2

Hot tea. Lots and lots of hot teas throughout the day.  I usually drink anywhere from 3-6 cups!

hot tea

When I feel like something a little sweeter, I make homemade hot chocolate.  Yum!

hot chocolate


I’ve been sticking with salads & leftovers mainly because it’s what I like!  This is my classic salad with Lemon-Tahini Dressing & sprouted bread croutons.  Sometimes, I’ll eat a kale salad instead or add a bowl of soup or some fruit.  Everything is pretty simple.



For dinners, I usually have some sort of “bowl” with quinoa or rice & veggies.

This is sautéed veggies, roasted broccoli, lentils, and quinoa.



This is a Sweet Potato-Coconut Curry over rice.


This is a Cauliflower Pizza Crust I made with a kale salad on the side.


While Traveling:

When I travel, I don’t stop at fast food–I usually try to stop at a grocery store if at all possible to grab some fresh foods.

When we are stationary, it’s easy to find places to grab healthy foods, especially when there’s a Whole Foods around.

It is true that Green Juices are expensive, so I’m not able to drink them every day, BUT I do make a priority to drink them when traveling to help with sickness and in situations where I may not be able to get my normal green intake in.

This is one I enjoyed from the Franklin Whole Foods Market.


I always try to find places that have great smoothies–but when I’m coming to Nashville, I already know where I’m eating breakfast (sometimes more than once!)

I love The Franklin Juice Co–their juices, and especially Acai Bowls.  This bowl was topped with almonds, honey, banana, strawberries, and cocoa powder.  SO GOOD!

Acai Bowl

Sometimes I can find vegan restaurants, and sometimes I can’t. But either way, I always find something to eat!

This is a raw pizza and salad from Avo in Nashville. (vegan)

avo lunch

Other times, we go to dinner with people, and I have no control over where we go–so I just call ahead and inform the cook that I’m coming in 😉  I have had so much success with this method–not stressing or looking weird in front of guests!  The cook prepared veggies & quinoa for me, as well as a special salad AND dessert!

veggie and quinoa

Don’t you just love all these colors in these pictures?  I love knowing that I’m fueling my body up with the best nutrients I can!



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