What I Ate Wednesday 7/1/15

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update.  Balancing everything ain’t always easy.  Can I get an Amen??

I have been spending a lot of time prepping and planning to make this eat clean lifestyle work with a full time job and all the “etc” I could add!  But I’m surviving–and not exhausted–and here to tell you that it IS doable.  I feel like that would be a good blog post.  Coming soon?

What really needs to be coming soon is the recipe for these chocolate donuts I keep eating.  But seriously, I’m working on it.  They taste like chocolate muffins, but are shaped like donuts, so I’m actually tricking my brain to think I’m eating donuts.  It’s a fabulous idea 😉


For breakfast, I ate two of these vegan, gluten free, and homemade chocolate donuts with a  green juice.  Typically I prefer to drink green juice on an empty stomach, but sometimes life doesn’t go perfectly, ha!

I have been packing my lunches every day, but this particular day, I didn’t have enough food, so I opted to by something from the sushi counter (while at work).  I got these rice wraps filled with veggies and topped with tamari (gluten free soy sauce).


Since cooking for people is kind of my job now, I’m always snacking on something yummy at work.  This day, I made Detoxinista’s Vegan Queso dip for my team members and paired with toasted corn tortillas (no oil, no salt).  It was a hit!

Queso dip

Yes, this is a picture of a picture. And yes, it’s sideways.  Yes, I’m tired 😉

I didn’t get off work until 6, so I knew I needed a quick meal.  I grabbed Ezekiel Sprouted Grain pasta and an organic tomato basil sauce.  I topped with homemade cashew parmesan cheese (cashews and nutritional yeast pulsed in the food processor).  I had some wilting kale in the fridge, so I sautéed that up as a side (vegetable broth, onion, garlic, and kale).  I always start dinner with a green salad…and topped with lemon tahini dressing (I made without oil this time)…surprise surprise!!


Every day ends in chocolate for me…lately, it’s been this Dark Chocolate ice cream by Coconut Bliss.  I love the ingredient list, and it’s a perfect ending to a day for me 🙂


Although I’ve been busy, I miss posting here.  I hope to find a good balance between work, volunteering, family, and hobbies.  One day I’ll get it right, right??

I hope y’all have been doing well–and treating your body well!  Nourish it with WHOLE, real foods and see the difference!


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