What I Ate Wednesday 7-8-15

Good morning y’all 🙂

Anyone else suffer from small kitchen syndrome?

We spent 9 years in our beautiful home with our beautiful kitchen.  Our beautiful, large kitchen.

Then came the apartment.  The second floor abode with three boys.  A tiny kitchen with a house full of cooks.

But life is about adjustment, right?  I’m still adjusting to small living, although I absolutely LOVE what it’s doing to my soul.  I feel like a constant piece of work.  Anyone else?

It really has taken a BIG effort to keep our family rolling and to maintain the clean lifestyle we desire for our family.  I know I work in a grocery store, and a great one at that, but I don’t want to become reliant on just purchasing my food every meal while I’m here.  It can get expensive.  Plus, I like my own creations better AND love to take ownership of everything I put in my body.

Here is the green smoothie I’ve been drinking lately.  I signed up to get Kimberly’s emails so I got the recipes for each season.  I drink the regular Glowing Green Smoothie on a regular basis, but this one is the summertime recipe.  It has strawberry, banana, peach, kale, spinach, water, and lemon.  It is very sweet and not green tasting, but is packed full of greens!


Throughout the day, I sip on fruit infused water.  I take leftover produce and herbs and fill a jar with filtered water, add the fruit, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  This one is strawberry, lemon, and basil.  It’s slightly sweet and tastes like strawberry lemonade!


For lunch, I had a salad with as much random toppings as I could find.  Here I have carrots, blueberries, strawberries, almonds, hemp seeds, tomato, and goji berries.  For lettuce, I used half green leaf and half kale.  Of course I topped with oil-free Creamy Tahini Dressing.


I had a short work day this particular day, so I waited until I got home to eat a snack.  This is an organic green apple with 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter drizzled with raw honey.


We spent the afternoon running around doing errands and then came home to start our crazy dinner situation 😉

As I cooked dinner for the boys, I drank this protein smoothie (frozen banana, hemp seeds, almond butter, dates, unsweetened almond milk).  I was starving by this point–but I was also about to go workout, so this was my pre-workout energy!

protein smoothie

Since moving to an apartment and starting a full time job, the one thing on the back burner has definitely been exercise.  I hate to exercise, but I hate not to.  Anyone else feel me????

I love being ACTIVE, but I seldom have the motivation to like BUST IT in the gym.  But I really, really feel better all around from self confidence to physical stuff when I do.  So I’m starting back a program that I’ve been enjoying by Kayla Itstines.  It’s a 28 minute workout (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) made up of two circuits.  It may not sound like much, but quite honestly, I can barely make it through the whole thing.  On the “off” days, you do things like walking, running, stretching, and yoga.  For now, it’s what’s been working for me 🙂


In my apartment complex, we have a yoga room, so I can do this without looking crazy.  Cause I can promise you, I ain’t graceful, lol!  I like having mirrors in the room because it makes me stare myself in the eye.  Kinda creepy, but also motivating!


After my workout, I felt kind of queezy.  Yeah, I’m outta shape.  I laid on the couch for a bit, and heard my sweet husband reading books to our kids as he was putting them down to sleep.  I found my way in the room, and it turned into a beautiful night of us talking about our family dream and praying for one another.  It was just the way life is supposed to be.

By the time we were done, I was feeling better and decided to make a delicious dinner while winding down to Netflix.  I made a twice baked sweet potato, a super grain blend with quinoa, buckwheat, and millet topped with tahini, soy sauce, and almonds, and a simple massaged kale salad.


This was honestly the best thing I’ve had in a while! I absolutely loved it.  I wasn’t able to eat all of this, so I saved half of it for tomorrow night’s dinner.

But obviously, I wasn’t too full for a few bites of ice cream 🙂

ice cream

I ended the night writing down all the thoughts in my head (cause there’s a lot these days!!) and getting a good night’s sleep!!

I hope y’all have a wonderful week full of healthy eats!


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