What I Ate Wednesday 6-3-15

I know it’s been a while….

I’ve been learning how to manage this new big thing in my life called a 40 hour work week!! It’s a BIG change from working from home–in most ways better, in some harder.  For one, I don’t live in constant frustration anymore, so that’s a plus 🙂

The biggest change in terms of food would be preparing.  I’m forced to prepare everything the night before since I won’t be home during the day to get it done.  I’ve found that I actually prefer this kind of organization and seem to use less dishes preparing all at once.

For breakfast, I’ve been drinking lots of smoothies because they are easy, fast, and filling to start my day.  I was out of greens, so this is an Acai Berry Smoothie!



PS, I’m loving my porch for pictures….it really helps me stop mourning my beautiful stump at my old house 😉

This big smoothie held me over until lunch…I’ve been sitting outside with co-workers and enjoying the beautiful weather!

For lunch, I’ve been enjoying SALADS because we are having a Team Member Salad challenge this week–and of course I model this for them!

I’ve been messing around using less oil after learning so much about it in my first few weeks at Whole Foods, so the dressing I’ve been diggin’ lately is oil-free Creamy Tahini dressing (recipe coming soon).



It has the consistency more of hummus, but I love this texture in my salads!!

For snack later in the afternoon, I ate a Watermelon salad and some fresh cherries.

These kinds of meal make me feel so light and fresh 🙂

This particular night we had baseball practice, so in the rush of the afternoon, I grabbed these cinnamon raisin oatmeal bites to snack on!


Once we got the boys home and settled, I enjoyed breaking in my new apartment kitchen by making a creamy southwest soup (dairy free).  It was fabulous!  You know sometimes when you experiment, it goes royally wrong, and sometimes it’s a homerun……This was definitely the latter….and it made me so happy!  I’m getting better at creating things from scratch just in my mind–which is always a plus!



I ended the night with a small handful of chocolate and a hot bath…life is good! 🙂

Enjoy your beautiful Wednesday–and eat more plants! Peace & LOVE TO YOU!

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