What I Ate Wednesday 5-21-14

Oh, this day was glorious.  It was like the best of both worlds.  I got to work while the kids were in school, still hangout with them after that, go to McCall’s baseball game, eat dinner as a family, and hang out with my favorite man in the world 🙂

Here’s how it went down!

It’s no secret I’m starting music back.  I can’t share details quite yet, so until then, you get this teaser: an awkward selfie at a red light. In my minivan. I was on my way to a photo shoot….honestly, what a fun morning!  I mean, I got to wear fake eyelashes!


While this particular morning was a blast, it reaffirms my suspicions that I’ve got a serious problem.  I’m so socially awkward.  I mean, what do I do with my HANDS?!

I need classes at this. Or more practice. Or something!

I always get little butterflies every time I do something a little out of my comfort zone–and putting food on top of the butterflies makes it pretty bad. Stomach grumbles. Burps.

I decided just to bypass it all and be hungry for a bit.

So, I drank about 30 ounces of filtered water throughout the morning, and counted down the minutes until it was over and I could chow down.

I left here to run some errands, so I stopped by one of my favorite places to eat in Augusta, DiChicko’s Organic Cafe.

I got this Happy Goji Smoothie and sucked it down in about 10 seconds.

smoothie 1

I don’t mind drinking smoothies in the car, but I’m a firm believer in sitting still to enjoy eating food, so I saved my actual lunch until I got home from picking up the sweet babies from school.

Once they were down for naps, I relaxed for a bit with this huge bowl!  The original bowl has rice, red onion, tomato, black beans, avocado, chicken, and cheese.  But since I’m doing a vegan trial, I asked for no chicken and cheese and added all that grilled broccoli!


I’m not sure if you can tell, but this is a HUGE portion of food. I ate less than half of it for lunch! (But that was nice for the leftovers!!)

I spent the afternoon unpacking bags, and repacking for baseball.  Oh the little things that I love 🙂

I drank a classic smoothie (blueberries, banana, spinach, & almond milk) on the way to the ballfield.  I really do need nourishment, so I have enough energy to scream 😉


I honestly can’t comprehend what it’ll be like when these little boogers play high school ball. I already feel like I’m gonna lose it, I never agree with the calls, and my baby always does EVERYTHING right.  And he’s in a 6 year old league. OH my.

Andrew’s been at his new job and on his new schedule for a couple of weeks now, and I can’t even describe how much it has already changed the dynamics of our family. There is a LOT less stress, and even more time together. It’s beautiful, and it feels normal.

God knows we need a little normal.

I no longer feel like I won’t make it. I feel hope. I feel possibility. I feel freedom. I feel like I can do something for myself (hence the perfect time to start music again.)

Oh thank you Lord for the blessing of time.  Just time to be together.

And to be around the dinner table together as a family, something we’ve longed for for years. These small, normal, simple things we’ve needed for so long…. The bliss.

We had five different dinners around the table, but this was mine (and Beckham ate this too, plus chicken & sweet potato).


I could not eat all of it…..but this Gluten Free Vegan Mac & Cheese is the best! It’s made with cashews, so it’s healthy AND filling! It’s perfect for people dairy free, especially kids who don’t want to miss out on mac & cheese!

Typically, I would rather eat many more leafy greens in a day, but I’m just like you. I’m on the go. I’m SO busy.  I don’t have tons of time to prepare.  I don’t beat myself up. I do what I can, and on not-so-busy days, I eat more leafy greens.

…Until next week 🙂

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