What I Ate Wednesday 4-8-15


It feels SO REFRESHING to sleep in just a tad and to have no lunches or bags to pack.  It really is glorious.

I started the morning working on some blog posts and drinking warm lemon water.



Then, in an effort to write a recipe down for the amazing Neapolitan Nice Cream Smoothie, I made it again.  It’s so yummy and full of good stuff that will give you “healthy carbs”  [GASP!] and energy!



Masters Week in Augusta is always awesome and always crazy.  I’m one of those girls who thrives off the chaos (surprise, surprise!) and loves all the visitors.  The end of the week usually gets exhausting, so I spent a lot of time resting today…The boys were playing with Easter eggs almost all day outside, so I spent some time catching up on Netflix and cleaning up the house.  Plus I took a shower.  I call that a successful day! 😉

For lunch, I ate this Kale Salad–one of my favorite simple recipes.



Then, I snacked on Brazil nuts and watermelon….I love these two foods!






We were headed to Rock Fore Dough–an awesome show for a great cause here in Augusta on Masters Week–to see McCall’s favorite country music artist and songwriter right now.  We had VIP and backstage passes, so I knew there would be tons of food–and if I ate meat, I would just eat what they had there (cause I’m not crazy obsessive about that kind of thing), but being a gluten-free vegan makes it very difficult because most options there have either butter, eggs, meat, or wheat in them.

I’m pretty used to it by now, so I always plan.  Preparation is key for me!

I made Sweet Potato Fries for the road with a simple honey-mustard sauce (made from Vegenaise, Coarse ground mustard, and raw honey).  I know some of you may be thinking that this doesn’t seem like a lot of food, but did you know that a sweet potato has approximately 4 grams of protein?  It filled me up until I got hungry again around 8!



Sorry for the blurry picture….I tried to take one while riding in the car in Masters traffic [not driving!!].

We hung out backstage, and even had the courage to ask for a photo.  McCall was so excited…Me? I was just trying to be a good mom–you know–asking for a picture and all 😉



When I got hungry again, I ate all of this:

It is 2 apples, a banana, an orange, and a bag of almonds.



Yes, I was full. And yes, I was happy.  I feel such freedom now that food doesn’t rule me, and I truly have a found a balance to eat to live–not live to eat.

At the end of the night, Sam Hunt signed McCall’s hat–and McCall deemed this the best night ever!  It really made me happy that he had a special night.  We all kind of threw our normal worries away for the night and just lived it up.  I’m so thankful for the blessings in my life each day, whether big or small.  Life truly is good!


Today, I’ve got to brave the crowds in Augusta to run some errands–wish me luck!


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