What I Ate Wednesday 4-29-15

Whew. I’m so glad I took these pictures on Monday before my world came crashing down yesterday. What is it about bad news that makes us want to stuff our faces with pizza and brownies?

And in my world?  It’s so weird that I grieve the loss of food for my children but all I want to do is eat. It’s actually a pretty guilty feeling…

So–yeah, my unpictured dinner from last night was a vegan pizza and coconut milk ice cream with gluten free cookie dough in it.  Sometimes, I praise God for the tiny little frozen organic section at Food Lion right by my house.

But anyhoo–back to Monday.

Y’all know in the deep south, things take a few more years to make it all the way over here.  All the rage in Cali and big cities is the Acai bowl (pronounced Ah-Sigh-ee // NOT Ah-Kigh).

I’ve been reading about them and seeing photos all over Instagram for a long time, but I actually just enjoyed my first bowl while in Nashville a few weeks ago at this beautiful little gem of a place called Franklin Juice Company.



It tastes like a thicker fruit smoothie with amazing toppings–and there was hidden granola at the bottom.  If you’re looking to try one in the Augusta area, Humanitree House in Downtown has these 🙂

But I went to Whole Foods and got some frozen packets and tried to make a bowl–which ended up failing, so I turned it into a smoothie instead.  It was really good!



Before I ate this, I sipped on warm lemon water–I just forgot to take a picture!

Mid-morning, I ate some Overnight Oats…no cooking required…recipe coming later this week!


This kept me full until about 2-3 pm….I’ve been eating when hungry these days, not because the clock says it’s lunch time.  It is an absolutely freeing thing if you’ve never tried it!

I made a salad with tons of toppings–and even leftovers from lettuce tacos–all drenched in my favorite lemon tahini dressing.



I drank jasmine green tea along with my salad.



Next it was time for after school stuff-and to get ready for baseball.  I packed fruit for the boys and two oranges for me.



I’ve been so enjoying baseball–even though it makes things difficult.  I love this special time with our boys!



Beckham played with Butter (not our dog) and had a grand ole time.

It’s always CRAZY when we get home from baseball–especially when Andrew is playing softball some nights.  I got all the boys fed, bathed, and in bed–and baked some fries for me while I did that. I finally enjoyed them around 8:30 as I unwound from the day.  I wasn’t starving, and it was the perfect amount.  This was one small potato and 3 tiny ones (like the size of red potatoes) plus 3 dipping sauces, cause I’m a condiment lover. (organic ketchup, homemade whiskey bbq, and homemade honey mustard).



Oh, and can’t forget the organic pickles.  THE best.  Yes, I buy pickles organic because regular pickles have high fructose corn syrup added AND yellow dyes that are harmful to our health.  I like my organic pickle juice not so yellow…. 😉

I ended the night with a few squares of dark chocolate, but you know me.  I ate them too fast to take a picture.  Dang chocolate!

Until next week! Love y’all!



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