What I Ate Wednesday 3-4-15

Good morning!!!

It’s hump day.  But in our county, that means it’s a half day for the kids today.  So glad it’s going to be 80 degrees here in SC because that means we are goin’ to the park!!! And I’ll think about Spring and boats and bathing suits (yeah, I’m not afraid!!!!).  I’ll be right back–after I do some squats. Ahh!

As the weather gets warmer, my foods get a little lighter.  I crave less soups/breads and desire more fruit, salads, and smoothies.  We’ll see if this heat wave stays around…

To start my morning, I started with lemon/cayenne pepper water and one more glass of filtered water.

Then I ate this bowl of fruit:


If you’re wondering if this fills me up, YES it does!  I could easily eat more, but I’m on a budget, and organic fruit ain’t cheap!  I find when I rush straight into eating first thing when I wake up, that I eat more.  But when I take it slow and drink hot tea, water, or lemon water, I find that most of my stomach hunger pains were really just thirst.

Around 10am, I ate a half a bag of these kale chips. Whew, they were hot–my favorite kind!!

kale chips

I certainly love you guys, but I was too lazy to rotate this photo.  So here ya go.  Love you, mean it 🙂

I’m slightly embarrassed to share that lunch was yet again my favorite salad that I won’t stop talking about….I thought about giving you a close up view of the salad, but since you’ve seen it a bajillion (nice!) times, I figured a photo with these two cuties (who were about to go down for naps) was way better.

This salad was one romaine heart, half a head of red leaf lettuce, tomato, 2 carrots, 3 dates, almond slivers, raspberries, and Lemon Tahini Dressing.


For my mid-day snack, I opted for popcorn (I always buy organic kernels).

I pop mine in the microwave in a paper bag (1/4 cup kernels and 1:30 in the microwave) and drizzle melted coconut oil on top (you’ll be surprised how much this tastes like butter!) with salt and a little coconut palm sugar.  This combo reminds me of kettle-corn.


I’m always sipping on water throughout the day (my ultimate goal is half of my body weight in ounces), but I try to drink more as I prepare dinner.  I get hungry when I cook, and I don’t want to ruin my dinner, so drinking water helps me.

This really is one of my favorite meals because I absolutely LOVE caramelized onions.  Ahh!!!! I could just eat those plain.

This plate (not pretty, but hey, I was starving and hurrying myself up!) is 2 sweet potato and black bean burgers on lettuce greens, topped with tomato, avocado, caramelized onions, and a honey mustard sauce (honey, vegenaise, Dijon mustard).  I served this with homemade hummus and carrot sticks and organic pickles.


I drank a glass of red wine with dinner and finished off with a handful of dark chocolate.

Yes, the Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger recipe is comin’ up.  Promise 😉


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