What I Ate Wednesday 3-25-15

I don’t know if it’s the pollen or what, but I’ve got a tiny sore throat–just enough to be uncomfortable.  When this happens, I immediately drink hot tea or, even better, turmeric milk.

Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and an incredible amount of nutrients.  You can read a more in-depth description of this super spice, read this article.

turmeric milk

For breakfast, I decided on this Chocolate Cherry Smoothie because I DESPERATELY needed to go to the grocery store, and I used what was in my freezer 🙂  [recipe on FB page]


I happened to be relaxing at home today because my son had an asthma attack that landed him the ER the night before…the to-do list can wait!  So, I had some time to do a little experimenting.  I am familiar with cauliflower “rice” but read about the same concept with carrots.  So I decided to give it a try on some nori sheets. It tasted great, but it didn’t stick very well.  I’m definitely going to have to work on this because it was interesting and awesome.  In my opinion, the sauce was the best part. Probably because it had TAHINI in it, my favorite!


Next time I’ll add more veggies, but I had to use what was in my fridge, so I used beets, butter lettuce, red onion, and green onion. I made 3 nori sheets worth (which was 12 pieces) and I ate them all 🙂

I didn’t have enough lettuce to make a whole salad today (even though it’s our weekly challenge), so I had to get my greens in different ways.

P.S. My top priority is the grocery store today 😉

For a mid-afternoon snack and pick me up (no Starbucks needed here), I had this Reboot juice.


Greens ROUND UP:  kale in my morning smoothie, butter lettuce in the nori wraps, kale in my afternoon juice

Andrew and I had an appointment to get our taxes done, so we made it a date night 🙂  That usually means we go to Farmhaus because they have gluten free/veggie burgers for me and cheese and bacon for him.  To each his own, right?

dinner 2

A lot of people would call this a “cheat meal,” but I just call this life.  I practice a 95-5 concept of eating VERY well 95% of the time, and LIVE 5% of the time (but still trying to stay within my own personal food philosophy of gluten free, dairy free, meat free).

I had the Quinoa Black Eyed Pea Burger with grilled onions, whole grain mustard, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and pickles on a gluten free bun. I also had french fries, BBQ sauce, and sweet tea.

And it was fabulous. I love balancing health, pleasure, reality, and fun.  I had a beautiful night with my best friend in the whole world.

We finished the night with a Blue Bloods marathon on Netflix and had no room left for anything else.

So, about that salad a day.  Yeah, I’ll get on that today 😉

Have a blessed Wednesday!


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