What I Ate Wednesday 3-11-15

I know here in SC it’s supposed to rain this week, but luckily I captured a beautiful, wonderful, [and did I mention beautiful?] day yesterday!

I typically photograph these posts the day before, and it just happened to be the best day I can remember in a long time.

Winter gets me all down and out.  You too??

The first sight of sunlight and I’m a new woman.  I’m so glad I got to capture it today!

The warmer weather makes me throw my soup spoon down and beg for fresh fruit. And lots of it.

This breakfast makes me happy:


I ate it all but two pieces of kiwifruit.  Did you know it’s actually called kiwifruit and not kiwi?  Trivia!! 🙂  And did you know that you can eat the skin?  It’s kinda like a peach. It’s not weird at all! Try it.

On Tuesdays, I have bible study, so I took a snack:  a ton of water (which was confused with moonshine–bahaha!) and a Larabar.


2 ingredients: cashews & dates.  Can’t get better than that!

I enjoyed a nice lunch out on the back porch with my two little loves.  Sawyer had turkey nuggets, avocado, and fresh blueberries. Beckham had roasted chicken, raisins, and pickles. Mine is spring roll wraps, leftover kiwifruit from breakfast, and salad made with romaine hearts, broccoli, almonds, carrots, and almond butter dressing. (The sauce is organic tamari & organic brown rice vinegar with green onions).


I absolutely love eating lots of fresh, raw foods.  I am full but feel so, so light.  I wish I had time & money, and I could eat like this all the time!!

After lunch I had one square of dark chocolate with salty almonds in it. I LOVE the sweet/salty combo. I always opt for 70% or higher dark chocolate.  It’s just sweet enough to give me what I need 🙂

While the boys napped, I sat outside in the sun and browsed Instagram to get some inspiration.  I sipped on my favorite lemon water and enjoyed the stillness.

lemon water

When my hubby got home from work, we headed to a nearby field with our boys.  We just couldn’t stay inside!

I drank this juice on the way.  And YES, it’s yummy!


I’m a boy mom, and I love it.  This is just what we do.  We get dirty.  And play. And play some more.

family outside

And we get hit in the face with baseballs.  We always recover 😉

These two just bless my heart…copying mama’s yoga and doing the “happy baby” pose.  They are NON-STOP, and crazy, and loving, and bad, and the two people in this world that have opened my eyes to different kinds of beauty.

boys yoga

This is real laughter. And real happiness. And real life.


This pose didn’t use to hurt, but now it does.  Thirty does somethin’ to ya!  Working on flexibility…

We came back and the boys got washed up while Andrew and I worked together making 5 different dinners.  What we do is complicated, but we’ve got it down to an art.  A waltz, even.  I had the same thing two nights in a row…and since I ate on a paper plate tonight, I’ll show you the prettier picture from Monday night…


These are Italian Bean “meatballs” (they are FABULOUS) with homemade BBQ sauce over brown rice and oven-roasted asparagus topped with cashew Parmesan. (Click for links to recipes).

We did bed time and workouts and then I ate chocolate. The story of my life always includes chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

These posts are so fun for me.  I hope you enjoy them too 🙂  Leave me a comment here or on FB–I’d love to answer any questions you have!

Have a blessed day!


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