What I Ate Wednesday 2-25-15

I’m very excited to bring this series back! When you have to take pictures of everything you eat and post them on social media, it sure does keep you accountable!

I’m kind of an obsessive person and when it comes to food, I get on a kick and stick with the same thing for a while.  These days, I’m loving avocado toast for breakfast!  The recipe is on the website, and it’s super easy…plus it’s filling, cheap, and good for you!

avocado toast

I ate two pieces in the car on the way to take Sawyer to school.

I took a snack to bible study, and ate this big bowl of fresh pineapple and mango around 10 or 10:30 in the morning!

Fruit snack

One thing that has changed for me since adopting a whole foods, clean living lifestyle is my desire to sit down with a meal and enjoy it.   No longer are the days of rushing around eating fast food in the car for every meal.  I eat snacks in between meals so that I am not starving until I have the time to sit down and eat.  I usually eat lunch around 1:30 because by that time my two babies are down for naps.  I enjoy a TV show on Netflix and savor my food.   Then it’s right back up to the realities of life 🙂

For lunch, I had a plate of  leftovers:  2 small sweet potatoes made into french fries using my favorite recipe, a side of roasted broccoli & chickpeas, and a side dish I’m working on for next Thanksgiving (I know?!) that has millet (an awesome gluten free grain), roasted Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, walnuts, and lemon.


You may or may not know our family’s story, but we’ve got a pretty complicated eating situation.  So if you can imagine, going to the grocery store is pretty stressful.  I have 5 (3 of which are medical) meal plans going through my head. Who has what ingredients? What does everybody need?  It takes a ton of preparation to make it happen so that I don’t just cry myself through the aisles (or when it’s time to slide that credit card!)

I can usually only handle planning for about 3-4 days at a time.  If you’re eating fresh foods, that is a good time period for you too!  If you can swing it, go to the grocery store twice a week and always keep fresh foods in your house!

I told you all of this to say, YES!!!! I hire a babysitter just so I can go to the grocery store.  Well worth it to me!!!!!!

So to celebrate my FREEDOM, I enjoyed some gummy worms in my van, with my heated seat, without listening to Frozen, or screaming at children.  REWARD!!.

gummy worms

No nasty corn syrups or dyes here.  Everything is actually natural. Yes, it has sugar. Evil, evil sugar.  But hey, in my opinion, it’s better than a breakdown, right?!

I kept dinner simple.  You might even recognize this photo, because YES, I’ve eaten this salad 4 times this week.  No need to take a new photo!  My favorite salad EVER:  butter lettuce greens, dates, avocado, almonds, sprouts, raspberries, homemade sprouted grain (not gluten free) croutons, carrots, and Lemon Tahini Dressing.  Oh. My. Gawd. It’s my heaven here on earth 🙂

Salad for dinner

Try some of these recipes this week and let me know what you think!!

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