Tuesday Tip–Freezing Bananas

Bananas are awesome.  I know–that’s such a creative intro to a blog post.

But really, they are.

Versatile is the word I think of.

Egg replacers. Ice Cream.  Cream for smoothies.  Dried snack.  Chocolate covered goodness.

Many of my smoothie recipes call for frozen bananas, and while it might sound simple, sometimes the simple things confuse us.

I remember in the beginning of my journey….I’d read certain things, and really just want someone to SHOW me and TELL me exactly what to do because I was afraid I’d screw something up.  I probably did anyways! 😉

When you are freezing bananas, make sure they get RIPE first.  With brown spots.  Just like this:

peeled bananas

Say hello to my sweet Cocker Spaniel Allie!!  She can’t help herself either…

When the bananas are browning, they are at their sweetest.  I promise it makes a difference in the taste of smoothies/ice creams.

To freeze bananas, all you need to do is PEEL the banana, BREAK in half, and PLACE in a freezer bag. Put in your freezer, and in a couple of hours, they will be frozen.


Frozen bananas give smoothies a creamy-like texture, which makes me feel like I’m eating a frosty from Wendy’s!

Here are 2 of my favorite chocolate banana recipes (also check out the smoothie page):

1. Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake 2

2. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Milkshake


To make Nana Nice Cream (my term for Banana Ice Cream):

Nana Nice Cream

1. Cut the bananas in 1-2 inch chunks.

2. Freeze in freezer bag.

3. Pull out desired amount of frozen bananas (a couple of bananas total should work) and let sit on the counter until not rock solid.  Don’t let them get too soft, just a few minutes.

4. Put in a food processor and blend until creamy.  If it breaks up like ice, you know they were too firm.  If they are soupy, you know they were too soft.

5.  Optional add-ins:  cocoa/cacao powder, vanilla, fruit, granola.

6. Enjoy!


I hope you work with Frozen Bananas this week!  Post some pictures to the FB wall this week!!


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