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What I Ate Wednesday 2-26-14

I absolutely love starting my day out with tea.  If you can believe it, I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life. And guess what? I’ve survived life!! 🙂

I’m not against coffee, I promise (good quality organic coffee); I just know my obsessive personality couldn’t handle one more thing 😉

Tea is more my thing, and now that health is my main concern, I’ve seen such power in these plants.  High quality good teas are very important (you wouldn’t believe what’s in tea!!).

I stick with Numi or Traditional Medicinals because I can find them at our Kroger and at Earthfare, my two go-to grocery stores.

If you are interested in reading more about what’s in your tea, read this article.  I love that my two favorites are on the GOOD LIST!


Most often, I start out with hot tea in the morning! This one is Lemon Balm by Traditional Medicinals.


As you probably guessed, What I Ate Wednesday is really “What I Ate Mondays,” just reported on Wednesdays! Mondays is a tough day for me because all the kids are in school this day (yay for ME time!).  But that means I’m super busy in the morning.  I grabbed a banana and a Larabar to eat on the way to school!


When I got home from errands, I wanted a snack and went for this Orange Goji Berry Smoothie.  Goji berries are a superfood (they look like pink-red raisins) that are an abundant source of antioxidants, vitamins like A & C, and many minerals.

Goji Berries

These little boogers are expensive, BUT you use so little at time, that the bag will last a LONG time.  I might use one or two teaspoons in a smoothie or a handful in some granola.

Lunch Salad

For lunch I had one of my favorite salads: organic greens, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, sprouts, and Poppyseed Dressing.  This was a BIG salad, and yes, I ate it all 🙂

Sweet Potato Spice Muffin

Mid-afternoon, I had this Sweet Potato Spice Muffin (gluten free, of course!).


We had company for dinner, and this is an easy way to feed a lot of people on a budget!  I’ve told you before that we have Mexican once a week, and I’ve been hooked on this Taco Salad bowl!  It features homemade guacamole & refried beans, organic greens, organic canned corn, organic black beans, local tomato, and goat cheddar in a Rice Tortilla (baked in a taco bowl).

Happy Wednesday! What’s on your menu today?


What I Ate Wednesday (2-12-14)

I always start my day with lots of filtered water….Most of my issues from before my food journey were attributed to being dehydrated (teacher problems!), so I’m very sensitive to always drink plenty of filtered water before I eat anything.  I love my glass Camelbak!

Next, I had this Mango Banana Smoothie.  It made two servings, so I shared with Andrew since he was off work today.  I probably could have had the rest, though, because I LOVE this smoothie.  Practicing what I preach with this whole “sharing” thing!


I ate an early lunch (probably because I shared:) ) and had two helpings of this Asian Buckwheat Salad.  It’s just so good, I have a hard time with self control!

The best thing about this salad (I guess besides its flavor) is that it keeps in the fridge for days.  I can make this and have lunch for 4 or 5 days.  To me, that’s well worth spending the time in the kitchen.  If you work outside the home, you could go ahead and put this in 4 containers in the fridge to make lunches for the week extremely simple!


I usually have a sweet tooth several times a day, so I munched on this “test” for Strawberry Cheesecake Bars.  I LOVED them, but they weren’t quite what I was trying to make, so that recipe is still pending.

Snack 1

Later in the afternoon, I snacked on some gluten free crackers and soft goat cheese.  This held me over until dinner…I am always excited about Mexican Night, so I usually need to save lots of room!

Snack 2

I had a major fail tonight at dinner.  I bought the wrong kind of cornmeal for my corn tortillas (what is wrong with my brain?!) so I made a taco salad instead using a fun kitchen tool 🙂  I’m actually glad I made the mistake because this actually became my new favorite salad.  No dressing required! (Recipe coming soon!)


I needed (cough* cough*) one more sweet treat after dinner, and decided for these No-Bake Strawberry Tarts with Chocolate Chip Whipped Cream (because they are in my freezer with easy access!).


What are you eating on today?? Those affected by the ice/snow, what are your meals like today?

What I Ate Wednesday 2/5/14

When I first started my food journey, I had no close friends doing the clean eating thing.  I’ve mentioned several times about how lonely I felt.  I knew I was doing what was right for me, but it’s so hard to persevere when you feel so feel isolated (especially in the midst of dealing with our children’s illness).

I relied heavily on a few blogs to teach me and “get me through” until God used my voice to reach out to friends.  Now, we find any excuse to get together and eat so we can share in the goodness and fellowship. Praise be to God!

One of those blogs was Detoxinista.  She (along with many others) have a series called What I Ate Wednesday.  I remember being so excited for Wednesday to come so I could see what she was munching on.

For me, these posts were such a motivator and gave me ideas for how to incorporate the right nutrients into my day.

I’m not a nutritionist like her, or anything close.  I’ve just done my own personal research and have had personal experience.

But, I know that seeing how other people do it really does help! My hope is that you will gain inspiration and somehow not feel alone on this journey.

So–I’m so excited to say that I will be doing my own What I Ate Wednesday series for all of you 🙂

You get a sneak peek into my daily eats….

So get ready for each Wednesday.

Here’s our First Edition!

For breakfast, I started out with Strawberry-Coconut Breakfast Quinoa (recipe on its way soon!). Most mornings, I’m usually on the go or in a hurry, so I drink a smoothie.  This day was a day at home, so I made an easy, filling quinoa breakfast.


This really did fill me up until lunch–I didn’t even need a snack in between!

For lunch, I had one of my favorite Kale Salads with a sweet almond dressing.  This salad was huge, and I ate it all! (This salad has carrots, chopped green onions, parsley, cilantro, hemp seeds, & raisins).

The wonderful thing about kale is that is doesn’t wilt even with dressing added, so you could make a kale salad the night before and take it to work the next day!


I was extremely full from this, but needed a tiny sweet treat, so I ate a small bowl of my Chocolate Chip dip (our coconut whipped cream with some chocolate chips).  Ok, the pictured bowl is not my “small bowl”!  I forgot to take a picture of this, so this is what you get 🙂


Dinner was leftover night, which is still exciting in our house!

I almost always start dinner out with a green salad (to get some extra greens in!) Tonight’s was a spinach salad with almonds, goat feta, and honey balsamic dressing.

Dinner Salad

My choice of “main course” was a bowl of our Savory Southwestern Chili and a side of gluten free flat cornbread (recipe still pending…)

Main Course Collage

I didn’t need any dessert this night, so that was it!

Until next Wednesday!