Easy Fruit SaladSometimes we need something simple to bring to the cookout or to have on the side of a meal. Here’s where this Easy Fruit Salad comes in. It takes only a matter of minutes to assemble, but it is packed with flavor.  It’s fresh, sweet, and tangy. To make it a dessert, you can serve […]
Peach GaletteThis easy and tasty peach galette was my go-to dessert this summer!  If you’ve never heard of a GALETTE before–it’s simply a French pastry made with flour, butter, sugar, and fruit.  It’s basically an easier, more rustic version of a pie. AND it’s easy to exchange the fruit for whatever fruit is in season or […]
Tropical Coconut Ice CreamIt’s the last night of Spring Break here in Georgia, and the Masters Golf Tournament, which is less than one mile from our apartment, has just finished. I ate too much food and drank too many Azaleas this week. Tomorrow I will definitely make sure to eat a little more “green.” But tonight, it was […]
Double Chocolate DonutsI mean, who wouldn’t love double chocolate donuts for breakfast? Or shoot, for dinner? I really could eat chocolate as a meal every single day.  And I just have to agree with that graphic floating around that argues chocolate = salad. Let me explain. Chocolate is made from the cacao plant.  Salads are made from plants.  Therefore […]
Neapolitan Nice CreamWith summer approaching, I find myself feeling nostalgic and longing for the days of old–like ice cream trucks, long hot days, lightning bugs, and fresh watermelon. But since going dairy free [and since embracing a clean eating lifestyle], ice cream hasn’t been on my list.  Even “good organic” ones can be filled with lots of […]
Single Serve Chocolate Banana Ice CreamSometimes you need a little single serve soft serve. In my book, “sometimes” has a definition more like “almost daily.” You may be like me or you may be the salty type, but I pretty much have to have something sweet after lunch and dinner.  It’s not a bag of Laffy Taffy like year’s past. […]
Guilt-Free Caramel DipWhat I love most about switching to a whole foods, real foods lifestyle is that I don’t have to deprive myself of things that I love.  Yeah, they might end up looking a little different, but I don’t live a life of “without.” In fact, that’s the thing that drives me crazy about people on […]
Apple Apple Pies (Gluten-Free & Vegan)It’s mid-September, and in the South, that’s game for everything fall.  It might be October or even November before we feel its effect, but we just can’t help ourselves. The smell of cinnamon, pumpkin everything, holiday décor–it’s just about too much for me to handle!  My old routine was to stock up on those little […]
Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy TreatsRice Krispy treats are kinda like an American favorite. Or its own food group.  Or a tasty treat with a beautiful shiny blue wrapper that’s pretty much irresistible. Or–my favorite–homemade rice krispy treats.  Wasn’t it so nice of whoever came up with that recipe to call for less marshmallows than were given in a bag? […]
Berry CobblerThe South Carolina heat is definitely moving in.  It’s the “I’m standing still outside, and I’m pouring sweat” kind of summer so far.  And I have a feeling it’ll be around for a while. So, we might as well get used to it, have some friends over for a cookout, and eat things like watermelon […]
Chocolate Covered StrawberriesAllergen Information: Free of the top 8 allergens It’s no secret that this was an interesting Valentine’s Day.  Those of you in the Southeast affected by Winter Storm Pax know firsthand what I mean. I didn’t go on a date or get flowers or get to test some recipes or post some ideas I had […]
Strawberry Sherbert TartsAllergen Information: Contains nuts (cashews). Special equipment: High powered blender & Food processor These sweet little tarts are the perfect size to satisfy that quick need for a treat, AND they are guilt free.  They get their substance from the cashews, the sweetness from the strawberries and maple syrup, and the incredible flavor from it […]
Almond Butter Chocolate Chip BrowniesAllergen Information: Contains tree nuts.  Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free Adapted from this recipe. I’ve been teasing you for a while with this recipe, and it’s finally here.  This is one to put on the list THIS week.  Don’t wait! This recipe is one that you really won’t believe.  Almond Butter is […]
Coconut Whipped Cream–Dairy FreeAllergen Information: Free of the top 8 allergens Special Equipment: Electric hand mixer Cool whip is one of our American staples.  Velveeta, Cool Whip, Lays Potato Chips, Kraft Mac & Cheese. It’s Fourth of July; it’s a barbecue; it’s all holiday.  It’s light and fluffy and promises to please every time. It’s made by our […]
Banana-Chocolate DropsAllergen Information: Contains Tree Nuts (substitution given)  Gluten-free (if using gluten free oats), egg free, soy free, dairy free Common ingredients. Inexpensive ingredients.  And only four.  You really can’t get easier than that!  These are a cinch to make & absolutely incredible.  They are light & fluffy, and may I add quite addicting? Make these […]
Allergen Friendly Chocolate Chip CookiesAllergen Information:  Free of top 8 Allergens Adapted from Baby Cakes NYC You will never believe these cookies don’t have any wheat, egg, or dairy!  They are perfectly crispy & addicting! My husband and I collaborated to make this fit both of our needs–mine?  Gluten free.  His?  A random craving for chocolate chip cookies!  Oh […]