Spice Spotlight: Turmeric

If you’re following on our Facebook page, you know we are doing weekly Real Food Challenges.  This week’s challenge is to cook using spices, and today we are looking at Turmeric (you can pronounce with or without the first “r.”


Today’s SPICE highlight is on the brilliant TURMERIC, an ancient Indian spice with multiple healing properties.

It has a subtle, yet warm and slightly peppery flavor. You might recognize its color and flavor as the main ingredient in curry.

To read a more in depth description of this super spice, read this article by Mikel at Nutrition Stripped:


A few of my favorite recipes that feature turmeric:

Shells & Cheese:


Turmeric Milk:


Dairy Free Queso Dip (might be my all time favorite!):


You can buy the spice ground up at all grocery stores, or you can venture out and buy turmeric root (use like ginger root) at a health food store.

Experience something NEW this week, and when you do, share a photo or a comment!

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