Single Serve Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Sometimes you need a little single serve soft serve.

In my book, “sometimes” has a definition more like “almost daily.”

You may be like me or you may be the salty type, but I pretty much have to have something sweet after lunch and dinner.  It’s not a bag of Laffy Taffy like year’s past.  It might be a square of dark chocolate or something like this Chocolate Banana Ice Cream.

I don’t live in guilt and shame–I live in freedom when it comes to food.  And I can tell you, there’s nothing to feel guilty about with this dessert.

Chocolate Ice Cream Final

It helps with portion control, but it’s also lightly sweet and satisfying.  You could easily double or triple the recipe if you’re making for friends, but it’s great just like it is so you can have a tiny treat every now and again.

First you’ll need to do two things:

-Have frozen bananas always ready.  Read this to see how!

-Make a batch of my coconut cream.  I love having this handy anyways because It’s great on oatmeal, smoothies, and desserts (or just with strawberries!)

Once you’ve got these two things, you are ready to go!

Single Serve Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
  • 2 frozen bananas, roughly chopped
  • 2 T coconut cream (recipe link in blog post)
  • 1 T raw cacao powder (or cocoa powder)
  • Maple syrup (optional for added sweetness)
optional toppings:
  • cacao nibs
  • dark chocolate
  • more coconut cream
  • fruit
  1. Let the frozen bananas sit on the counter for 5-10 minutes so they aren't rock solid. You don't want them mushy, just not hard like ice
  2. Place bananas, cream, cacao powder in a food processor and blend until creamy. You may have to stop and push the sides down a few times.
  3. TASTE TEST! Taste your mixture and see how you like it. If you need it sweeter, add a drizzle of maple syrup. Make it to your liking!
  4. Place in a small bowl and put in the freezer for 10-20 minutes or until desired consistency.
  5. Top with more coconut cream and fruit and enjoy!


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