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Easy Fruit SaladSometimes we need something simple to bring to the cookout or to have on the side of a meal. Here’s where this Easy Fruit Salad comes in. It takes only a matter of minutes to assemble, but it is packed with flavor.  It’s fresh, sweet, and tangy. To make it a dessert, you can serve […]
Cranberry-Pecan Chickpea SaladAs a part of my job at Whole Foods, I’ve been making healthy recipes for my fellow team members.  So far, I’d say this one was the biggest hit.  My favorite comment was, “How did you get this to taste like chicken salad?”  Some of them actually didn’t believe there wasn’t chicken in this salad. […]
Apple-Citrus Mint SaladI first had this delightful salad while in Nashville attending an amazing food event.  I knew I had to learn to recreate it, but I have to be honest, I really don’t like grapefruit by itself, so I was hesitant to even try this dish. What I found is that the sour taste of the […]
Avocado-Dill Chickpea Salad  The easiest way to maintain a clean eating lifestyle is to always have good eats in your fridge.  In the spring and summer months, for me, that means having an array of salad choices to pick from. I love a green salad, but there sure is a benefit to having these pre-made salads ready […]
Berry Dijon Kale SaladDo you want to know my first encounter with kale? I was in Nashville about 5 years ago, and a foodie friend mentioned it.  I literally had NO IDEA what he was talking about.  I even went so far to think, “I will never, ever eat that.”  Yeah, I’ll never drive a mini-van either. I […]
Shredded Brussels Sprouts SaladI know Brussels sprouts get a bad rap.  They’re kind of like spinach.  People just think “yuck” when they hear the words without giving them much chance.  But I’m here to set them free. Surprisingly, I never tasted them until a few months ago (I’ve told y’all my journey has been SLOW!) when my awesome […]
Carrot Raisin SaladI love this slightly sweet carrot raisin salad because it’s a change from the normal ole green one.  Sometimes you just need something new to change the routine, right? I’m not a huge fan of store-bought versions, mainly because they taste more like sugar or mayo than food. But this one is sweetened with natural […]
Spicy Asian Kale SaladThis is one of those posts when I really wish one of my talents was photography. The beauty in this salad cannot be captured with my phone. Period. If you want an amazing blog AND amazing photography, I highly, highly recommend following Oh She Glows. It’s just beautiful. She’s beautiful. The food is beautiful. It’s […]
Clean “Tuna” SaladAllergen Information: Free of the top 8 allergens Special Equipment: Food processor I know it’s kind of weird to have the word tuna in quotation marks.  You’re probably wondering, “What crazy thing is she having us eat now?!” Here’s the thing. I don’t like tuna.  In fact, I’ve never had it.  It really just grosses […]
Gluten Free Pasta SaladAllergen Information: Contains dairy (can leave out to make dairy-free) With spring and summer around the corner, a perfect go-to pasta salad recipe is a MUST for cookouts and potlucks. I love this one because:  1) It’s gluten free, but you wouldn’t know it   2) It’s slightly sweet, but has the goat feta saltiness to […]
Broccoli Raisin SaladAllergen Information: Free of the top 8 allergens As the days get sunnier, my soul longs for summer-like foods.  I literally dream of cookouts and berry cobblers and friends. Oh that beautiful smell. (Ok, maybe not the friends 🙂 ) This salad is a wonderful side for a pot-luck, BBQ, or just to have in […]
Asian Buckwheat Salad–Gluten FreeAllergen Information: Contains soy.  You could use Coconut Aminos in place of the soy sauce, though I’ve never tried it. Gluten-free Asian Dressing adapted from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen I know the title sounds misleading, but yes, this is a gluten-free dish!  One of my favorite parts of my own personal food journey has […]
Chilled Quinoa-Cranberry SaladAllergen Information: Contains tree nuts. I have to admit that the first time I ate quinoa I almost spit it out.  It was just so, so weird to me because it kind of looked like rice, but tasted a little “nutty.”  Most of you are probably already beyond where I was when I started my […]


Lemon Tahini DressingIf I could reach into that photo and fix that one piece of lettuce hanging off the side….. If this were a hashtag, it would be #thingsthatdrivemecrazy. But in reality, many times I feel like that scraggly piece of lettuce hanging off the bowl. Like—if you could have seen my ensemble when dropping the kids […]
Vegan Ranch DressingWriting this post about Ranch Dressing helps me remember how far my sweet husband has come in his journey!  Ranch dressing was just HIS thing.  Every salad needed a thousand croutons, bacon, and a mound of Ranch Dressing. I don’t think he ever had anything else before he met me. Then one day, he tried […]
Honey Balsamic DressingSometimes, you just need a classic. This one is it.  I love how simple, yet flavorful this dressing is! My favorite kind of dressings are ones that have a hint of sweetness to it…Y’all know I’m a former sugar-aholic, so I’ve got to always have a little taste of sweet so I don’t relapse back… […]
Orange-Almond DressingAllergen Information: Contains tree nuts (could substitute sunflower seed butter) Special Equipment: Blender There is something strangely amazing about these two flavors blending.  This dressing is slightly sweet, slightly salty, and just all around “different” kind of good! It has a healthy plant based protein punch with the almond butter, and its sweetness comes from […]
Sweet Mint DressingAllergen Information: Free of the top 8 allergens Special Equipment: Blender This week, I grabbed some fresh mint at Earthfare to use in a smoothie, and decided to come up with this concoction just so I didn’t waste the rest. And what happened? I think this might be my new favorite spring dressing! This dressing […]
Creamy Poppyseed DressingAbout a week ago, we were a natural disaster zone, and I was busy in the kitchen making all kinds of chili recipes to keep us warm and full. Today, the sun is shining bright.  It’s a tank top, windows down, pollen buddin’ kind of day.  It’s a little piece of happiness.  Lately, my taste […]
Mustard VinaigretteOk, the date is February 15, 2014, and it’s been one crazy week in the Southeast.  Snow, Ice storm, disaster, earthquake. I know what this did.  It drove us all to purging on the last of our junk food just in case last night was the rapture. Well, we’re still around today, and I’d bet […]
Lemon-Basil DressingAllergen Information: Free of the top 8 allergens Special equipment: Blender It’s tangy.  It’s basil-y.  It’s fresh. It’s interestingly addicting.  This dressing started as an experiment using up some ingredients in the fridge and is now topping my list as a favorite. I know that buying dressing makes life easy.  But I guarantee this will […]

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