Pure Living 101

A Few of My Favorite ThingsI’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but maybe you can relate to the crazy, busy life that is associated with the end of school. This is our first year living in GA, and us Georgians get out of school in May. This blows my mind! As a SC native, school has […]
A Year in Review & the Top 10 Recipes of 2014!All photo credits of our family go to Marissa Dodgen Photography. 2014 was a year, huh?  So many amazing things happened for our family. It started with some of the hardest months we’d seen yet, but took a monumental shift towards the middle of the year.  The darkest clouds have lifted, God has given us […]
Presents with a Purpose–The Bird’s Nest CollectionA few years ago, when mounds of medical debt swarmed our lives and when everything seemed too much, I came across a blog about how to make a bird’s nest out of wire. From there, the idea was born to make these pieces as a way for people to participate in our lives in a […]
Non-Toxic Dog Shampoo RecipeSince our skin is our largest organ (yes, our skin absorbs into our bodies everything we put on it), I’m pretty strict about every single ingredient I use.  Just like our food, conventional skin care products are full of nasty stuff that really do affect our bodies.  I’m not in a place in life where […]
Healthy Thanksgiving IdeasLet’s face it.  This week’s is all about food with a little family sprinkled on top.  For families like us that suffer from food allergies and food related diseases, it’s the opposite most days.  Either way, we all gotta eat, right?? Don’t scrimp on your favorites this time of year–just learn to make them a […]
Music is my LemonadeI love to write stories before they’ve been finished because then I know I’m passionate about the very thing—rather than the outcome. If I fail, I’d likely not write the story out of embarrassment. If I succeed, I’d be insecure that I only cared enough to write about it because of the success. There is […]
Why I’m a Vegan, but Don’t Think You Should BeI’m the girl who made fun of vegetarians. To their faces (I’ll address how this came back to me later). I’m the girl who downed a 20 piece McNugget and 4 BBQ sauces in under five minutes. I’m the girl who raced to Bruster’s ice cream store at the first drop of rain for that […]
What is High Fructose Corn Syrup? + Mustard BBQ Recipe!You may have heard of this chemical sweetener called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), but not realized it’s actually in most processed foods! It even lurks in places you’d never guess. Before I tell you WHERE it is, I want to tell you WHAT it is and WHY it’s so important to stay away from […]
The Art of Being PreparedIt’s no secret this whole, clean living thing is stressful, especially at first.  There are so many things to read, so many things to try, so many things to buy, so many things to make you overwhelmed. Most of us are so engrained in a fast, food-in-a-box living, that going back to the basics really […]
Solid GroundIt’s finally as quiet as it will be; babies tucked tightly in two cold bedrooms. The monotonous hum of the fireplace seems our only hope.  I gaze intently at the orange flames, following their fiery patterns with my tired and somewhat nervous eyes. My mind purposely wanders to a time when I suspect this was […]
Pure Living–Laundry EditionIt wasn’t until we had our first giveaway, and I saw all the comments about allergies, eczema, dry skin, and itching that it clicked why this post is so necessary. I planned it for much later in the line, but after hearing YOU, I knew God was leading me to write it this week. We’ve […]
Our First Giveaway–Hard Earth Farm SoapThis is probably the most exciting part of blogging.  GIVEAWAYS!!! I’m beyond thrilled to be able to give away two bars of our favorite local soap from Hard Earth Farms! Just as our food is packed full of extra and bad-for-us ingredients that are detrimental to our health, skin care products are too. Did you […]
Organic vs. IndustryI know this is a touchy subject to write about.  But I’m going for it anyways. Many people wonder what the big deal is about all this “organic stuff.”  I know I used to.  I grabbed whatever was cheapest, threw it in my grocery cart, and never gave a second thought to how that food […]
Pure Living DefinedI have a love-hate relationship with Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  On one hand, it has brought so much sadness to our lives because they are the words that have made our lives change so much over the last two years.  They are the words that define our children’s pain.  They are the words that make us feel […]
Pure Living 101We are so excited to announce our first series entitled Pure Living 101.  In our journey, we can’t separate Faith, Family, and Food from one another, so we’ve designed a series to encompass it all.  We hope you will spread the word and join us on Friday, January 24th for our first post!