Presents with a Purpose–The Bird’s Nest Collection

Presents with a purpose collage

A few years ago, when mounds of medical debt swarmed our lives and when everything seemed too much, I came across a blog about how to make a bird’s nest out of wire.

From there, the idea was born to make these pieces as a way for people to participate in our lives in a tangible, real way.  We have encouraged our friends and family to purchase these pieces and wear them in honor of the boys as a way to share the love of Christ through our family’s story.

To read the full story about the meaning behind the necklaces and the scripture they represent, read this article.

We’ve been in a few months of transition trying to decide how we wanted to go about getting the jewelry in your hands.  So I’m so excited to announce that we have a HUGE online event this Thursday, December 18th at 8 pm on Facebook.

To join the event, join our GROUP on Facebook here!

On Thursday night at 8pm, come back to the group to see all the pieces for sale.  Items will be shipped Friday morning December 19th if you need something shipped for Christmas.

Join us in giving a present with a purpose this holiday season!

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