Our First Giveaway–Hard Earth Farm Soap

This is probably the most exciting part of blogging.  GIVEAWAYS!!!

I’m beyond thrilled to be able to give away two bars of our favorite local soap from Hard Earth Farms!

Hard Earth Farms

Just as our food is packed full of extra and bad-for-us ingredients that are detrimental to our health, skin care products are too.

Did you know that our skin is our biggest organ?  That means anything that goes ON your skin is absorbed by your skin and into your bloodstream.

I know for me, I don’t want those kinds of chemicals entering my body!

Making a slight change in your skin care regiment can help keep toxins out!  Start with soap, and then we can worry about the other stuff a little later 😉

Here is some detailed information about Hard Earth Farm’s Soaps:

  • Hypoallergenic and chemical-free
  • Intensely moisturizing with organic coconut, palm, castor, avocado, and olive oil in every bar.
  • Packed with skin soothing vitamins
  • Helps fight acne, eczema, and dry skin
  • Scented with essential oils
  • Uses only sustainable ingredients in production
  • Locally produced using milk from their own goats

We’ve been using this soap for quite a while now, and I’ve seen such an improvement in the softness of my children’s skin.  They all have sensitivities to mainstream body products, and this soap has been our answer.

*Their skin works best with the unscented soaps…

I know that many people won’t just try something new.  So I hope our two winners will be more than happy to try it out for FREE!

**If you don’t win this giveaway, but would still like to try the soap, it’s simple and easy to get this soap.  You can stop by the store on Broad St, Augusta, GA, called The West End Market & Bakery or you can contact the farm directly!


~Two prizes available (1 bar is unscented Plain and Simple & the 2nd bar is Grapefruit and Litsea dusted with Marigolds)

~Two winners will be announced on Thursday, February 6, 2014.

Here’s how to enter:

~Leave a comment below telling us why you need this soap!

~You can get additional entries for “Liking” us on Facebook and for following us on Twitter and Pinterest.

**Giveaway is only valid for US residents and ends at 8:00 AM February 6, 2014

*You can enter below

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**I received these two bars free from Hard Earth Farms, but am under no obligation to promote this product.  I love an enjoy these soap bars and just want to share the love!

17 thoughts on “Our First Giveaway–Hard Earth Farm Soap

  1. Linda Metcalf

    I would love to try this soap for my daughter! She is always complaining of being itchy after baths and I have looked high and low for something gentle on her skin that will help keep her moisturized! She breaks out easily from perfumes and the plain soap sounds like it would be amazing!

  2. Bacilia Hernandez

    I’ve recently been researching home-made shampoos, and I didn’t realize how much chemicals were in store shampoos until I started looking to make my own. I then started reading labels of everything, including my soap. I wondered why, if the chemicals were bad for my hair, would I put the same chemicals on my body.

    I have been wanting to try some natural soap, but wasn’t sure where to get some! This is very helpful, whether I win the giveaway or not! 🙂

  3. Heather Linck

    I would be so excited to try this soap! As an allergy sufferer, I’m very curious to see how one small substitute could make a huge difference in my allergic reactions to skin products.

  4. Courtney

    My son and I both have sensitive skin. Always itching in the winter from being overly dry. Recently, I have switched our family to organic soaps, but have not found one “we are in love with.” And with the costs being a little out there, it’s hard to keep buying more and more to “try out.” Winning this would help in that dept for sure! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Abby

    I would love to try this because my skin is SO DRY and ITCHY this time of year. I have used goat’s milk soap before but I do not think it is as “clean” as this is.

  6. Stephanie Henderson

    I would love to try this for my boys. They have both developed eczema on their arms and legs and my oldest is always scratching, leaving open scratch wounds all over. I have tried Aveno with almond milk and some others but nothing seems to help. In learning about what different foods do to the inside of our body, I am also learning about what things do that we put on our bodies. If this helps I will surely become a customer. : )

  7. MaryAnn

    I would like to try these because anything would be better than those dang soap slivers from hotels when my hubby travels!! (And I love the smell of grapefruit!)

  8. Kate Dannelly

    I would love to try this soap! I find I have to be careful with soaps with scents. I am sensitive to smells and my skin tends to by on the dry side (especially here in cold, dry Iowa). Thanks for an awesome website, McKenna! I love following what you and your sweet boys are up to 🙂

  9. Elizabeth Glenn

    I would love to try this soap for my daughter, Abbie. She has had dry patches of skin this winter. Her face has been the worst. I’ve bought her several different soaps and lotions. Nothing seems to help. This may do the trick!

  10. Melodie

    I would LOVE to win this soap. I am chemically sensitive and can only use soaps without any fragrance! Most of the time I end up using soap that dries my skin out very badly. Then, I have to buy a large bottle of lotion to relieve my dry skin. It would be a blessing to win this soap to help relieve my extremely dry skin without getting a headache/nausea from using soap. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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