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Buffalo Chickpea Veggie PizzaI’ve talked many times about my love affair with Franks Hot Sauce.  It literally makes my world go round! Buffalo chickpeas are something I make often–I stuff them in pitas or top on salads. But in this recipe, they are the star of a better-than-a-restaraunt vegan pizza. So, so good. You could put any variety […]
Avocado BLT SandwichThis Avocado BLT sandwich is so, so simple.  But it sure doesn’t skimp on flavor. I have to admit that when I first became a vegan, the one thing I missed was bacon.  After a while though, that craving lifted–and once I started making this coconut bacon, I really haven’t missed it at all. To […]
Buffalo Tofu BitesAnyone out there with me that Frank’s Hot Sauce is a food group all on its own? Whew. It’s the best! Anything hot & spicy and with TOFU, and I’m in. It took me a while to become a tofu lover, but now I can’t get enough. It’s not nearly as weird as I once […]
Carolina BBQ Jackfruit SandwichesJackfruit has become one of the trendiest vegan meat replacements in 2017, and to be honest, it’s been fun!  We’ve been making BBQ, tacos, and more. You may have never heard of Jackfruit before, but that’s probably normal because it’s not a fruit you would see in a grocery store on a regular basis or […]
Vegetable Lasagna with Basil Cashew CheeseI’ve been making this veggie lasagna for about a year now, and every time I make it, I’m amazed at the bold and bright flavors that burst through. It doesn’t taste like a traditional lasagna, but you’ll be surprised how incredible it is, and you might even been wondering how there isn’t any cheese in […]
Southwest Twice Baked Sweet PotatoesY’all know some of the best recipes come from mix-maxed pantry items and a desire to save money. This recipe was JUST THAT. I fed the kids and the dishes were done (a miracle!) so I had a few extra minutes to make a quick, yet tasty meal for myself.  These days, my food routine […]
Homemade Marinara & Cashew ParmesanAs we get closer to the feel of fall, my body starts craving comfort food.  And for me, one of those foods is a good homemade spaghetti. Since I’m juggling my vegan lifestyle and my husband’s meat lovin’ one, I usually make this tasty marinara and cook ground turkey on the side (with mushrooms too […]
Easy Homemade Pizza SauceA few weeks ago, all my boys went to Tennessee for the weekend to spend some time with family.  I had work and music obligations, so I stayed.  Darn. 😉 It was an absolutely amazing experience for my soul to be alone in the quiet for an entire weekend.  You mamas know what I mean. […]
Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bowl w/ Smoked Paprika Tahini DressingI love big ole bowls of food. But let me back up and tell you about the first 28 years of my life. I was one of those little girls who ate off of plates that had sections in them until adult hood.  I literally could not handle my food touching, in any way.  No […]
Asian Sesame CauliflowerChinese food is one of those things in a food group all by itself like Sriracha or Frank’s hot sauce or watermelon.  I’m not sure I could ever get tired of it! Before I ate clean or before I became a vegan, Chinese take-out was the perfect Friday night ritual.  Saturdays were reserved for a […]
Shells & CheeseI wouldn’t have made it through high school & college without Kraft Easy Mac.  Shoot, I wouldn’t have made it through my childhood with regular ole’ Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with ketchup on top (YES!) or Velveeta Shells n’ Cheese. Between those things and Spaghettios, that was my diet. I’m always open about my diet […]
Black Bean Sweet Potato BurgersI’m not naming names, ’cause I’m not like that.  But there’s this certain restaurant in town (one of the only ones to get a real handmade veggie patty) that has a big ole’ quinoa-based veggie burger. The fries and sweet tea rock, but let me tell ya, the burger?  Eh. Great flavor, but it’s missing […]
Perfectly Baked PotatoesI remember a time when eating anything “white” was forbidden.  Oh the bondage of rules. I actually really enjoy potatoes, maybe the fried ones a little too much. But let me introduce another philosophy, one you may not agree with.  And that’s ok. Instead of staying away from avocados because they are high in fat […]
Easy Crockpot Beans with Brown RiceWhen the new year rolls around, most of us are looking for that reset button.  And sometimes, we put ourselves in the doghouse, realizing how much Christmas actually cost us! We didn’t go crazy on Christmas this year, but we love a good rice and beans meal during the week.  The benefits?  It’s cheap. It […]
Smokey BBQ Broccoli BowlI’ve confessed my BBQ addition before.  I used to be crazy-like. BBQ sauce on everything!  Fast food was my favorite–and I usually needed 4-5 sauces to wash down my 20 piece chicken nuggets and biggie fry. But like many other foods, BBQ sauce does have some bad stuff in it.  I bet I added on […]
Vegetable Pot PieThis time of year, comfort food is like a hot towel straight out of the dryer after coming in from the cold. It exemplifies its title; it’s truly comfort. For me, pot pie is the ultimate, and for a long time, I figured we just had to do without.  Our youngest son Beckham is dairy […]
Maple-Balsamic Stir FryThis beautiful creation came out exactly like I wanted.  Sometimes, I’ve just got a taste that I must create–and this one hit the spot on the first try! I’m so inspired by many of the one bowl meals I’ve seen on many blogs–and wanted to try my hand at one.  But since I’ve got a […]
Walnut “Meat” Tacos w/ Cashew Sour CreamLet me just say something. If you knew me prior to my little food transformation, you knew that if there was one thing I HATED with a passion it was Mexican food. The smell of it made me gag, and I refused to go to any such restaurant. Everyone who was cool liked Mexican food, […]
Italian Cabbage Burritos– with Quinoa!Allergen Information Contains Dairy (optional).  Gluten free, soy free. Money’s tight around here these days.  I’m sure you understand.  So I’m figuring out all kinds of ways to use every piece of what we get. A few weeks ago, we got some beautiful cabbage in our co-op order, which I used to make our Asian Buckwheat […]
Chilled Quinoa-Cranberry SaladAllergen Information: Contains tree nuts. I have to admit that the first time I ate quinoa I almost spit it out.  It was just so, so weird to me because it kind of looked like rice, but tasted a little “nutty.”  Most of you are probably already beyond where I was when I started my […]
Spicy Bok Choy & Crispy Tofu Stir Fry Allergen Information: Contains Soy A few years ago, let me tell you what I didn’t eat.  Any kind of peppers.  Anything spicy.  And I’m guessing Bok Choy since I had no idea what it was!  The first time I actually ate Bok Choy was about 6 months ago when I decided to buy some locally–just […]
Vegetable Spring RollsAllergen Information: Contains soy.  See “Notes” for substitution ideas. Last summer we traveled to Hilton Head Island, SC for our family vacation.  Each time we travel, I’m on a mission to find local eateries that serve organic and/or local ingredients.  I came upon this amazing find called DelisheeeYo.  This place was so good, I went […]