Last Minute Christmas Recipes

I like to call myself a planner.  But let’s be real.  I still consider myself a mom of three little crazies, so who has time to think beyond one day?  Not me.

I thought I’d share with you the agony that procrastination brings.  When you realize you need allergy friendly cookies for Santa AND you forgot about your kids stockings on Christmas Eve.  We’re in the mountains, and I’ve sent my husband on an hour long trip to Wal-Mart to buy crap we’ll probably throw away.  But, hey, stockings are important, right? RIGHT.

In case you are like me, and need a few last minute ideas for your get togethers, I’ve listed some of my favorite recipes for Christmas Eve & Christmas.

Good luck–and take solace in knowing you truly aren’t alone.  Happy Procrastination!!


It’s fun to have snacks hanging out around the house during the season.  Not that we’re hungry, but it’s certainly a day (or two) to let loose and have a little fun.

1. My all time favorite homemade snack.  These are Sweet & Spicy Bar Nuts from Oh She Glows:

2. Continuing the sweet n salty thang….I love this popcorn from 100 Days of Real Food!

3.  These are great to eat by the handful but also great as salad toppers.  From me.  Cause I actually did share recipes once upon a time 😉



I do wish I had some wisdom for you on how to bake your turkey.  But since I’m plant-based and all, I have no idea how to help you out.  I’ve actually never baked a turkey in my entire life.  I’m hoping you’ve got a good recipe, or a good friend doing it for you!  I’ll share some of my favorites to accompany–or if you’re plant based like me–throw these all on a plate and make a meal of it!

1.  My absolute favorite.  Are you seeing a pattern?  Yeah, the sweet & spicy [salty] combo is my THING.  These carrots make me happy.  Vegan?  Leave off the goat cheese or replace with a nut-based cheese.

2.  I’m almost embarrassed to post the next recipe.  Because I’m fairly certain it’s another sweet & spicy one. But THESE BRUSSELS SPROUTS.  Y’all.  Try them.

Sweet & Spicy Brussel Sprouts

3. I’m not a sweet tater casserole kind of girl, mostly because I’m still on the fence about that texture.  But crispy sweet tater fries?  YES, SIR.  I make these over the traditional every time.

Sweet Tater Fries



1.  Cookies for Santa.  It’s the first year in a long while Santa is getting cookies from the Hydricks.  McCall has a rice flour, sugar, goat butter cookie and I use this recipe as a base to make Sawyer & Beckham an almond meal, cornstarch, honey cookie.  Yay for this year!

2. Pumpkin bread.  Perfect for a snack and for breakfast the next morning. Smothered with butter of course! Plus, it’s vegan AND gluten free, so if you’re allergy friendly, SCORE. PS, if you ever need a recipe, this website is my go-to.  I haven’t made a bad one yet.

3. Can I admit I’ve never had Pecan Pie?  I know, I know, it’s the same look I get from Starbucks lovers when I say I’ve never had a cup of coffee. So, I feel bad that I can’t share my favorite pie recipe.  But I’m much more of a snack-y eater.  So this chocolate bark hits the spot. Maybe add some crushed peppermint and you’ve had a Christmas win.


Don’t waste any more time! Brave the stores.  Enjoy your day.  Soak in Christmas and the One who came to save.  Merry Christmas to all!

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