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Cheating and EoEThese past couple weeks, I’ve really been feeling the urge to talk about something specific- cheating. And no, I’m not talking about the relationship cheating; I’m talking about the food cheating. You know, when your child isn’t supposed to have wheat, dairy, or soy and yet you catch him with his hand in the cookie […]
Alternatives to Halloween (just a little late)  Hello again from Columbia! As midterms and group projects are coming and going, leaves are starting to turn, and scarves are being brought out from the closet, one thing is certain- it’s fall. I love fall. From the weather to the apple cider to the pumpkins, it all excites me. But, (there’s always a […]
How to Deal with Anger & EoEHello! It’s me, Danielle, your favorite EoE girl, here again to talk about the journey of living with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and how to get through it. I know I can’t make the pain go completely away, but hopefully I’m able to shed a little bit of light each month and give you some new insights! […]
Danielle’s News: Ehlers-Danlos SyndromeGreetings from Columbia! I’m typing this as I have just gotten done with exams. Talk about stressful. I’d rather sit in a room with 2 gastroenterologists than sit through another art history exam.  But, it’s done and done. Now I can focus on summer and keeping healthy. What I would really like to talk about […]
Hello from ColumbiaHello from Columbia By: Danielle Travis So, as I mentioned in my first post, I will be writing a monthly entry about EOE, and really try to shine some light on the whole issue. Today, I’m sitting in my bed, trying to think about what to write about. I mean, there’s so much. But I […]