Nacho Cheeze w/ Green ChilisY’ALL.  It was our Saturday morning mission today to make a good vegan nacho cheeze sauce. But listen, I TOTALLY get all the people that say they could never be vegan because of cheese (the real kind). I get you. I was you once upon a time.  But the reality is, cheese hurt my stomach […]
Peach GaletteThis easy and tasty peach galette was my go-to dessert this summer!  If you’ve never heard of a GALETTE before–it’s simply a French pastry made with flour, butter, sugar, and fruit.  It’s basically an easier, more rustic version of a pie. AND it’s easy to exchange the fruit for whatever fruit is in season or […]
Summertime Peach SalsaIf you’re like me and you love all things summer, then you’ll love this recipe for PEACH SALSA.  And by “things” I mean summer fruit.  I like sunshine–it makes me happy, but if we’re talkin’ favorite seasons? It would definitely be the one that rhymes with BALL. But grilled corn? Watermelon? Vegan BBQ? Oh yeah. […]
Thai Coconut SoupI don’t know why it took me so long to branch out to Thai food, but for whatever reason it did.  It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I really started getting into these flavors, and I have to say that they are now at the top for me! I love how […]
Sage & Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes [Vegan]Every year around the holidays, I host a Plant Based Friendsgiving for the foodie friends in my life.  This year was a little bit different since moving to Nashville–not because we don’t have friends (We have a few!), but it has just been TOO chaotic and expensive to move up and get everything accomplished with […]