il_570xN.502689975_dae0Unlike any other literature, God’s word is a living and breathing text—the same amazing breath that gave us life, is the breath that permeates through all of Scripture, speaking to us today the same as it did when Moses or Peter walked the earth. It’s that kind of power.

This concept is something I’ve read about, studied, and sung about from an early age. I truly believe, though, that I never understood the depth of this truth until we began our journey—and the revelation all happened with this scripture in Matthew, chapter 6. The Lord has radically and profoundly changed every ounce of my being, and it began with a simple truth: God provides. Period. No “maybes;” No “Yeah, but….” No “well, there’s always next year.” The. Lord. Provides.

It took us getting to the lowest of the low, to finally surrender and ALLOW the Lord room to provide for us. If we didn’t know where our next meal would come from, well, we just lifted our hands and asked Him to generously give it to us. Some days, that came in the form of creativity—I’d see my pantry in a whole new light, and I’d find a way to make five different meal plans come alive. And some days (usually on my exhausted days), it was a random financial blessing that allowed me to grocery shop (no drive thru dinners over here!)

We’ve learned, though, that the Lord’s provision isn’t just what we need to SURVIVE—in fact, the following verses claim that Lord will ALWAYS provide our daily needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. The stress of survival is lifted, but it’s his extra hand of grace that offers us more. He gazes in our eyes, sees our pain, and offers comfort. He detects the fear in our soul, and he sends down his peace. Oh, what a Savior.

We spent many nights worrying about each of our children’s conditions, how we were going to practically give each child what he needed, and how we would persist in the midst of the hurricane. Yet, we aren’t exempt from these verses because our children have a disease. In fact, we should be more prone to lean on them.

Thousands of years ago, Jesus spoke these words to his disciples knowing that a disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis would arise. He knew these sweet three souls would struggle with food, meal plans, weight, allergies, and sometimes, life and death. He knew these parents would be tired, and confused, and frustrated, and scared. Yet, he still spoke these words. Jesus’ promise breathes life into my soul and challenges our family to fully trust that the Lord is Sovereign and Lord of ALL.

I love the analogy Jesus uses in these verses—of course he cares for us more than the birds, for we are his treasured creations, but here, he chooses the example of an animal that spends its day gathering and collecting food—working hard to provide for the family. Jesus challenges us in these verses NOT to neglect hard work—working hard to TRUST that He will provide. Yes, sometimes it takes hard work and practice to believe and apply that reality. Our human minds really can’t understand what God means, yet he still calls us to try—better yet, to move forward and believe anyway—even though we DON’T understand or DON’T see how it will all work out.

In our journey, we’ve claimed the strength of the Lord—we will tell anyone we meet about His provision for our family because it’s part of our testimony. The freedom that the Lord has offered us has only come through our struggle. If we proclaim that He is Lord of ALL, then the proof of that is our trust. We rely on Him to provide our daily bread, even if it is made from gluten free flour or rice!

I can sum these verses up in this short passage:

If I’m working hard—planning, gathering, and providing,

If I’m surrendering and making room for the Lord in my life,

If I’m seeking, constantly looking, fervently searching for the Lord and living according to the word,

THEN all these things that I long for—health, life, provision, peace, comfort, companionship, healing—will be GIVEN to me. Wow. Powerful.

The Bird’s Nest Collection

il_570xN.502651492_q53oEach bird’s nest piece exemplifies the above passage—it’s a reminder to all of us that God will provide because of His great love for us! The three beads in each nest represent our three boys and serve as a reminder to you to pray for them daily!

Our family’s prayer is that you will be touched by our story, and that you will see the Lord work in your lives in a way you have never seen!

To order a piece of the collection, you can look for online events on my Facebook page, Thrive to Live.

il_570xN.502629154_5923Our family greatly appreciates your purchase. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the McCall and Sawyer Medical Fund and pay for all medical bills, travel, medicines, treatments, or needs in relation to the management of their care.

Thank you!